Blxckie drops ‘David’ after announcing his album [audio]

30 April 2021 - 13:38

Blxckie drops his track ‘David’ after announcing his upcoming album ‘B4Now’ scheduled to drop in May.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Kwa Zulu Natal rapper, Blxckie, dropped his track titled David, becoming the third track to come off his upcoming album.

David: What we learned from the Blxckie track

Blxckie is arguably one of the hottest rappers to come out of the new wave in South Africa.

The Somnyama rapper finally released David, bringing his exciting energy to the track.

He refers to himself as David from the biblical tale of David and Goliath, on a mission to accomplish what many people didn’t think he could.

This is clear in the lyric in his chorus where he says “keep a stone on me like David”.

He uses this song to make it clear to his competitors that he isn’t playing games when it comes to taking over the rap game.

The KZN rapper uses his vocals to create some angelic background noises while he continues to spit his fire bars and his catchy hook.

The beat uses an evil-sounding organ piano sound, bringing a vampiric atmosphere to the beat while the usual traps, 808s, and bass dominate the song.

Blxckie will be hoping to use this song to stir up hype for his upcoming album release.

Where can you download the song?

The song is available on all digital streaming platforms.

However, you can listen to the track right here:

What can we expect from his upcoming album?

Blxckie finally announced everything we need to know about his upcoming release.

The project is titled B4Now and is scheduled to release in the middle of May.

The album cover was also revealed, having the young rapper on the cover visualized as some demonic being with the intense use of black/purple shading on his skin.

The project will have twelve tracks, with some songs already released like Big Time Sh’lappa alongside LucasRaps, Uppity, and Stripes featuring Flvme.