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Black Coffee drops ‘Subconsciously’: Tracklist, download info, reactions

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Black Coffee commands a large audience that’s spread across the atlas and on Friday, the world is thumping to the eclectic sounds of Subconsciously.

Black Coffee on release day: ‘The main event is the sound’

Most of the songs featured on the 12-track audio escapade, we’ve heard. However, according to the producer, this was deliberate “because people miss songs sometimes if you just drop an album.”

Subconsciously makes this Coffee’s sixth studio album, a nod to his veteran status in the music industry. In his own words, the approach to this album was unique to his MO.

“The main event for me on the album is the sound. On my previous albums I would sit down with an artist and we’d discuss what we’d want to write about. This time, I relied more on the singers and songwriters. I want the melody to be right. Then the lyrics can follow,” he told Apple Music.

Subconsciously album: Tracklist and how to download

If any doubt lurked in your mind about Coffee’s status in global entertainment then the tracklist to Subconsciously should erase it all.

The 12-track LP sees the producer collaborate with the likes of Sabrina Claudio, Usher, David Guetta, Pharrell Williams, Diplo and many others.

As humble as ever, Coffee still kept true to his commitment of uplifting the local community with appearances from Sun-El Musician, Msaki, Tellaman and others.

Subconsciously is out on every digital streaming platform. You can also listen to the album in full HD below:

Here’s how social media reacted to Coffee’s new album

A few hours out and already, the album has receibed praise on social media. These are just some of the reactions we picked out.

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