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Black Coffee blasts Enhle Mbali in Twitter rant

Andile Sicetsha - 11.05.2021

Black Coffee labelled Enhle Mbali a liar and, in not so many words, an irresponsible adult.

The divorce proceedings between DJ Black Coffee and Mbalentle ‘Enhle’ Mlotshwa have moved from the confines of legal offices to the public forum and on Tuesday, social media was treated to an epic blow-out from both parties.

Black Coffee lays in on Enhle Mbali

This entire time, Mbali and Black Coffee have been locked in a nasty separation process. The renowned actress has, according to court documents, made her terms clear: The kids are hers to raise in the home they grew up in and a certain amount of alimony ought to be contributed by the DJ.

Coffee’s opposition to this has dragged the entire process and recently, matters escalated to assault accusations. Mbali, unfortunately, was denied a protection order after she claimed that the DJ had slapped her on the wrist multiple times.

Her reaction to this was documented in an IGTV video the actress posted last week Friday, where she warned that a tell-all was in the works.

The threat didn’t trigger a response from Coffee. Or, at least, not in the public eye. However, things would turn for the worst four days later, when Mbali posted a Storey on IG, pitting herself and her children against the DJ.

Coffee’s retaliation was to blast Mbali as a liar and an irresponsible adult.

“I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses. I take care of all the kids and their school needs.On top of the all this from November, I’ve been paying 65K towards you and the kids. After our separation, I got you a fully paid car in your name. From March I have been sending you electricity statements which you are aware of. Yesterday they cut the lights and you’re here once again creating another narrative that it was because of me. Take care of your bills,” Coffee exclaimed in a series of tweets.

The DJ also debunked Mbali’s claim that she’s been gagged by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), indicating that this entire time, Mbali has been inflating the separation to fit her lifestyle.

Mbali has since retreated to sharing the support she’s received from women with similar troubles, on her Instagram.