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Nota on Big Zulu album: ‘It leaves much to be desired’

Andile Sicetsha - 03.09.2021

Nota had quite a bit to say about Big Zulu’s album.

SA Hip-Hop’s loudspeaker Nhlumalo ‘Nota’ Baloyi is far from impressed with Big Zulu‘s debut album Ichwane Lenyoka.

Nota gives his take on Big Zulu album

The former associate of Kwesta, whose fall out with Makwa was the talk of social media for the most part of the year, took to Instagram to share his honest take on Zulu’s first project.

In short, he is not feeling the effort, at all.

“Can’t say I’m not bitterly disappointed by the Big Zulu album but to be honest, I’m not surprised in the least judging by the cover art which leave much to be desired,” he candidly wrote.

The man infamously known for his brash takes on music went further and chalked Zulu’s ascension in the industry to the fluke that was his breakout single Imali Eningi.

“Making a hit requires nothing more than luck but you can’t make a classic with that,” he added.

According to Nota, Big Zulu’s Ichwane Lenyoka would be a total disaster if it were not for the features he enlisted, such as Sjava, Smashing Soweto and Ami Faku.

“Now, only Kid-X can save SA Hip-Hop,” he exclaimed.

Fan reactions to Big Zulu’s ‘Ichwane Lenyoka’

From the looks of it, it seems that Nota is alone on his perspective of Zulu’s first album. Reactions on social media seem to suggest that for the most part, Ichwane Lenyoka has been received well by the masses.

Here are some of the reactions we picked out online:

Zulu’s Ichwane Lenyoka is out on every digital streaming platform. You can listen to it below: