B3nchMarQ A-Reece New Friend$

B3nchMarQ and A-Reece release ‘New Friend$’ visuals

13 April 2021 - 12:15

B3nchMarQ and A-Reece release flashy visual for ‘New Friend$’ while Reece keeps grabbing W’s

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Pretoria rap duo, B3nchMarq, finally released their anticipated music video to their standout track New Friend$ alongside A-Reece, coming off their Power Trip Album.

New Friend$: What we received from the B3nchMarQ and A-Reece visual

The moment the video starts, we get beautiful night shots of the city of Johannesburg, before a dripped-out A-Reece, resembling Eazy-E, appears and starts spitting the fire chorus.

P-Jay goes off to spit his verse while the trio hang outside of a petrol station in front of two luxury white BMW’s.

T-Kay also comes through with his fire verse while also being surrounded by his closest friends referring to the whole message of the song being that they have no time for making new friends.

We get some cool shots of P-Jay and T-Kay cruising through the isles of the petrol station shop, picking up random snacks and we get shots of the rappers hanging out with their friends.

We also get some dope visual shots of the trio riding in the white BMWs while they continue to spit their bars.

Being produced by XlR Media Group and directed by Saya Creatives, they did a great job at producing a clean yet simple music video not being too explorative but instead keeping it a classic style of hip-hop visuals.

Check out the video, now available on YouTube.

A-Reece keeps finding W’s

Reece has kept elevating his name to superstardom at a global level while still being an independent artist.

Recently the rapper was spotted receiving a shoutout from Ebro on Twitter after the release of his project titled Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory.

The young rapper also had an interview with the massive media outlet, Forbes Magazine, where he spoke on his growth as a rapper and a breakdown of his latest project.

Of course, Reece has been tilted as one of the best lyricists in the game right now, however, this feels like the first time people are taking the Hibachi rapper seriously.