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Amanda du-Pont shows off shredded body

Swisher Post - 19.10.2020

Amanda du-Pont went from soft features to shredded in seven months.

The soft features that broke the airwaves when she debuted on Skeem Saam are a thing of the past, as Amanda du-Pont showed off her ripped body in a new Instagram post.

Amanda du-Pont transformed her body in seven months

The actress has kept her head down and out of the headlines during this pandemic.

While we were boiling in the stuffy confines of our homes during the lockdown, Du-Pont was out island hopping with her bae, clad in skimpy bikinis without a care in the world.

From the image taken above in March, it is easy to see that the actress has, in a span of seven months, transformed her body.

The curves that define the 32-year-old are still there, they are just firmer now that she has taken on a gruelling strength training regimen.

This transformation can be credited to Du-Pont’s training coach Noel Deyzel, a beastly bodybuilder with a torso that can shred anything in its path.

The actress posted this photo, which shows how she has transformed from a soft-featured beauty to a fierce-looking and shredded superwoman.

“I’ve been putting in the work, challenging myself and my body to reach new heights. Shout out to my transformation coach [Noel Deyzel],” she wrote on the post.

Watch: Du-Pont shares workout regimen

Du-Pont was courteous enough to let us in on how she got to the ripped woman she is today. You can watch the clip she posted on her Instagram below: