What is manifestation?

Michè Edwards - 07.05.2021

Attract your desires with manifestation.

In the simplest of terms, manifestation is the practice of putting your intentions out and thinking aspiring thoughts in hopes of making them real. This means that whatever thoughts you focus on you bring into reality. 

Understanding the law of attraction a.k.a. manifestation 

If you’ve heard the term ‘manifestation’ then you most probably have heard the term ‘law of attraction’ – which is closley the same thing. Verywell mind describes the law of attraction as a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. It means that we attract similar events of feelings, thoughts, beliefs and frequencies that we put out to the universe. 

The law of attraction became an internet craze after Australian Television Producer Rhonda Byrne published “The Secret” in 2006. With much scepticism on whether or not the law of attraction is true, it lacks scientific evidence for its claims. 

However, if you believe the power of positive thinking will help you get closer to your desires the practice of manifestation might be just for you. 

Three things to remember as you manifest 

Manifest but apply the action too

When you take action after setting your intentions you shift your focus and flow your energy toward something you desire. So, if you want to go study further take the necessary steps and send through your application. This way you’re making things move accordingly and energetically in the right direction. 

Where your focus goes, energy flows

When you come to understand the laws of attraction you’ll soon grasp how energy works. To flow good energy for your desires, use creative visualisation. Daydream as much as you want and visualise having your desires. Feel, see and get excited about how it is to have what you want. 

It’s not a quick fix but the journey is enlightening 

Our Subconscious Mind says reaping the benefits of manifestation takes continuous work, but you’ll start seeing changes within yourself as you’re on the journey of attracting what you want. When you’re doing visualisation practices it can boost your mood and it teaches you to be grateful for where you are as you look at where you’re going.