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What South Africans need to secure a teaching job abroad

Jade Kruger - 09.09.2021

To secure a job teaching abroad it takes time and patience. Here’s a full breakdown of everything you will need.

Teaching abroad can help people live out their dream of travelling overseas. Here are some ways South Africans can secure a job teaching abroad. All you will need is time, the right qualifications, a financial plan, and tons of research.   

Things to consider before you try teaching abroad

As a South African it is important to consider that not every country will allow you into the state with just your South African passport alone. It would be in your best interest to acquire a valid visa.

Have a financial plan. Know what the exchange rate is of the country you plan on going to. Have enough funds to pay for transport, housing, and basic needs such as food.  

What are the basic requirements?

It’s important to have done research on the necessary academic requirements. To teach abroad you will need:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree
  • A valid teachers’ license
  • A TEFL/TESL/TESOL certificate. This is a course that instructs you on how to teach English to non-English speakers.
  • A strong command in English.

However, these are just the bare minimum requirements, to really secure the job you will also need:

  • Teaching experience, about two years’ worth.
  • A degree specific to the field you intend to teach.
  • An admin certificate if you want to apply to be a school administrator.

How to secure the position and teach abroad

With the right qualifications and travel documents in check, it is time to mentally prepare yourself.

Adjusting to a new country, a new culture is a scary experience, and it forces you to be completely independent.

To find a job, decide whether you would like to do it with a program, recruiter or independently. Be open to new opportunities in countries you wouldn’t have imagined going to.

Check for job postings in the country you want to go to and send your CV to the schools that interest you.