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Minimalist skincare tips for men

Published by Michè Edwards

Fellow men and boys yes, it is very masculine of you to indulge in self-care and have a skincare routine. The most basic adjustments to how you care for your skin could have long-lasting benefits – plus its a major confidence boost.

A simple skincare routine for the modern man

This part can feel a bit daring and overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin – but all it takes to achieve great skin is a consistent regime. These basic steps to better skin can help with unwanted skin irritations such as acne breakouts and razor bumps.

This three-step method is an easy way to get you in the groove of prioritising your skin.

Cleanse: Soap at night, Water in the morning

Washing your face too often with a product can strip away our natural oils produced from our pores. But to avoid this, wash with a deep cleanser or soap at night and just give your face a splash with clean water in the morning. If you’re about to shave in the morning, opt for an exfoliating cleanser for a smoother shaving experience. 

Do you have oily skin? Swap your face down with a bit of toner after a cleanse. This strips the skin from excess oil that may block your pores. 

skincare men

Repair: Reduce damage

If you didn’t know – our skin undergoes a lot through oxidative stress. explains this as our bodies negative reaction to bad things such as air pollution cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals and UV rays. 

To restore all that’s lost during that sort of exposure, use a serum that will bring your skin back to life again. says “serums are more potent than your daily moisturiser, and are meant to impart active ingredients and nutrients more quickly and effectively.”

skincare men

Moisturise: Restore moisture and protect

In the a.m: After you’ve applied your serum, apply a moisturiser with at least SPF 30. Protection from the sun is key and even little walks to grab lunch can damage your skin.

At night: Opt for a moisturiser without SPF 30. Also, listen to your skin. Only moisturise if your skin feels dry, if not then your natural oils will come to the surface during your sleep.

Extra tips to bare in mind

Know your skin type

There’s mainly three skin types. Oily, dry and combination. When exploring the skincare product haul, look for a product based on your skin type to receive the best results.

skincare men

Turn to your fridge if that works for you

The many products we see top of the market contain ingredients that are out in our fridge. For one, cucumber slices restores water lost on your face and apple cider vinegar can be used as a toner when diluted with water. 

Forget gender 

Most products are unisex and typically for men and women. Don’t worry about the packaging of a product when you know it’ll help your skin in the greatest way.