reinvent yourself

“I feel like I’m not growing” might be a calling to reinvent yourself

29 April 2021 - 15:46

Reinvent yourself with these beginners steps.

Written by Michè Edwards

If you’re feeling stagnant and feel like you’ve been pushing the wheels on this life thing but it’s going nowhere, then it might be time to reinvent yourself. This might mean making lifestyle changes, leaving the job that no longer serves you or re-evaluating relationships.

All of that major change will lead you to your authentic self. 

Reinvent yourself by shifting gear into who you truly are

Reinvention doesn’t mean you’re changing into a completely different person but it’s more about stepping into the life that is aligned with your goals, values and beliefs. It’s also got to do with intentional living

Making a major change is not easy but no matter what age you are – it’s never too late to start your new life. These steps make the whole process less complicated, use it as a guide. 

reinvent yourself

Find your starting point 

Start by figuring out who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, what are your passions etc. This will be what you’ll be working with as you build your identity. With this, you get to see where you are in each area of your life. As you move through this process you’ll begin to add new aspects and learnings to your identity. 

Define your core values

Think of your values as your foundation. “Your core values provide the groundwork for your decisions, actions, and behaviours. Without that sturdy foundation, your “home” just falls apart.” – Soul Salt health blog. Keep an open mind because as we grow our values and beliefs change over time. 

Feed yourself with knowledge that aligns with you

So now that you’ve got your core values and beliefs in check, it’s time to feed yourself with things that are aligned with them too. Start reading books that help you with your self-development in line with your career or interests. Start following social media accounts that also provide content that’s aligned with your lifestyle change. 

Take comfort in your circles 

A support system makes this big change feel easier. Your friends could be able to guide you and help you through difficult situations so keep them close. Seek out a mentor or role model for guidance on both personal and professional development. 

reinvent yourself

Just remember: 

You don’t have to be in a bad place to reinvent yourself. It’s just a wake-up call that some things need to change. 

Take it easy, it‘s going to be fun. There’s a whole new world and fresh perspective waiting for you to experience so step into your light, your power and have fun.