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Container Homes: The new age approach to living minimal

Published by Michè Edwards

The combination of flexibility and versatility is what makes innovative container homes a fast-growing popularity. These minimalistic spaces are architecture’s rising hysteria as it serves the perfect configuration between ‘compact’ and ‘highly functional’. 

Why are container homes so popular these days? 

Container homes are up-cycled and re-vamped shipping containers just as the ones we see coming onto shore in ships and those being transported on the back of trains or trucks.

Shipping containers have seen people put their wildest and most adventurous interior design dreams to fruition as they create luxury in its simplest yet spectacular form. 

These tiny homes are an eco-friendly haven as they run on solar power and gas, promoting a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle that’s low maintenance.

If you’ve considered living a more ‘green’ lifestyle then a container home is where you’re headed. 

What do you need to consider when going the container home route?

So you’re already mentally designing the layout and floor plan of your attractive minimalist home, but here are a few things you need to consider before venturing into your new chapter of container living.


Container homes come in different shapes and sizes but can still have limited space especially when insulation, plumbing and other home-related additions come into play. Most of them require you to think out-the-box for the furnishing and interior design of the space. Do your research on the different sizes and their pros and cons. 

container homes

Think about location

Look at selecting the ultimate and best spot your home will rest. Sure, you’d want it at a location that feels like a luxury but consider weather conditions and if it will be able to withstand those conditions. Chat to a contractor about the foundation of the area too. 

Research your local planning laws/building regulations says it is vital to take time to research the building laws and regulations of the specific city and area your container home will reside in. Factors such as weather and fire regulations are all taken into consideration by municipalities. Be sure to do your extensive research and talk to a contractor as to what the procedure is and what documents will have to be submitted for approval.