Let mindfulness lead you back to the present

3 May 2021 - 12:53

Add mindfulness to your day with these five practices.

Written by Michè Edwards

Before you think of rushing off into your day take a minute to pause, breathe and enter mindfulness. 

“Mindfulness is presence, embodied awareness, and connection to our experiences of the world around us. It doesn’t require hours of meditation each day; it does, however, require constant and conscious decisions to remain present in each moment.”

The Good Trade

Five ways to go through your day with mindfulness

We get so wrapped up in what needs to be done externally but what about internally? We simply have to just pause and look inward. Mindfulness is a reminder to come back to our root and ourselves when we are too lost in the things around us that need our attention. It keeps you present and centred.

Let mindfulness take the lead as you experience your day rather than just make it through. Here’s simple practices.

Mindfulness waking

First, upon waking start by taking a body scan of how you feel that morning. It’ll help to practice gratitude for the body you’re in and the day ahead given to you. 

Set an intention for how you want your day to go. This is suitably done before checking your phone or emails. Ask yourself what is your intention for the day and repeat it to yourself for example “Today I will stay grounded, be productive, be kind to others and myself” etc.

Check-in with yourself throughout the day and revisit your intention. You’ll start to notice how your intention improves communication with others and even your mood. 


Mindfulness eating

Mindful eating allows us to experience every bite, chew and swallow of our meals. Slow down and breathe. This is your way of bringing awareness to your body while you ask yourself “How hungry am I?” on a scale of 1 – 10. 

You’ll also start to notice that you’re conscious of certain foods you consume and you begin to choose foods that nourish your body. 


Mindfulness cleaning 

This is a great way to be mindful as you do tasks such as sweeping, doing laundry or doing the dishes. While you’re washing dishes notice the temperature of the water, the texture of the plates, cutlery and the smell of the soapy water. If you’re sweeping notice how your body flows with the movement of the broom. Stretch with these movements. 


Mindfulness in your routines 

If you’re working out or doing pilates, these are common mindful practices. A good way to become more aware of this is to be clear about your aim. 

As you do light stretches to begin your work out or yoga class for instance, tell yourself “I am going to breathe into these poses and follow my breath”. In any of your routines recognise the sensations through your body and thank yourself for your dedication. 

Mindfulness showers 

That shower before bed could do wonders. Feel the water temperature and acknowledge how each water droplet makes you feel. Imagine the water droplets flowing off your body like thoughts that you’re releasing. Tell yourself that at that moment you’re releasing thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you.