going out solo

Introverts, challenge yourself and try going out solo for a change

4 May 2021 - 17:23

How’s about a solo date? Introverts try this out.

Written by Michè Edwards

Going out solo and as an introvert might sound a bit daring at first but it honestly means more time to do all that you want to do on nobodies terms but your own. 

Let go of the thought that makes you believe you have to be out with your group of very vibey friends to have fun. Fun exists where you’re at too as you gallivant the streets of the city (safely!) other than with your guys or girls. 

Going out as an introvert levels you up a ton: 

Introvert Dear says stepping out of your comfort zone is freeing. You suddenly see how more self-reliant you can be and that you’re not that much of an introvert after all. 

Your relationship with yourself can only get better. As you begin to spend more time with yourself you start to see how much fun you are and that you’re the life of your own party. 

You come out of your introverted shell and start seeing new sides to yourself. This discovery gets you amped for some more and continued self-development. 

going out solo

Take this into account when you feel like going out solo

You’re already brave by giving this solo thing a try so give yourself a pat-on-the-back for that. Here are some quick prompts to get you started on your solo journey. 

Set small goals each time you go out

Taylor Plunket on Vocal. Media suggests this one and says setting small goals will allow you to build up your confidence each time you go out, until you’re truly comfortable by yourself. So, baby steps. This could mean you visit one spot by yourself on one occasion and then two on the next or you’d set a goal to speak to that person at the bar and build up from there.

Have a clear plan of where you’re going for the day/night

So, because you’re rolling solo it’s a good idea to know what hang out spot you’re going to be at. This will ensure that you’re safe and do not end up in some dodgy area. Make sure you tell a friend(s) where you’ll be for extra security and safety. Also, it won’t feel like a waste of a night if you go to a spot you know you’d enjoy. 

You never know unless you try so just do it

Lastly, you can assume how it would go but go and try it out for yourself. So, just do it. Speak to random folk, make friends with the staff, say yes to the “Can I join you?” and make the most of your ‘me date’.