plants and mental health

These five plants will help improve your mental health

Published by Michè Edwards

Plants are a doorway to better self-care as they take care of you while you take care of them. Dedicating time to nurturing a plant will remind you that your mental health is a priority, one that can feel so good when you actively put in the work. 

Take care of these plants as you take care of your mental health

As nature’s medicine in the form of these friendly life forms, plants are here to help us with life’s difficult moments. These five plants are a must to have in your space as purifiers, reminders and affirmers. 

1. Aloe 

While aloe holds many herbal and medicinal properties for skin wounds such as burns, cuts, dry skin and inflammation – the plant improves the air quality around you. Mindful blog Positive and Mindful says it helps to remove harmful toxins and chemicals from the air, while also lowering carbon dioxide levels at night.

plants and mental health

Care tip for you and your plant: Trim away dead pieces that no longer contribute to its growth much like the things you’ll cut away that no longer serve your growth. 

2. Lavender 

As almost everyone’s anti-anxiety and anti-depression go-to, studies have shown that the soothing scent of Lavender helps reduce stress levels, anxiety levels, and lower blood pressure, amongst other things. 

Care tip for you and your plant: In warmer months, take your plant and yourself outside to catch the sun’s rays and your daily dose of Vitamin D. 

3. Peace lilies 

Peace lilies signify tranquillity, peace, prosperity and solitude. They improve the flow of energy in your home as it neutralizes indoor chemicals and is also believed to help people flourish mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Care tip for you and your plant: As they hold powerful symbolism, speak affirmations to your plants, such as the good you’d want to hear about yourself too. 

4. Snake plant

Snake plants are known to be very durable, strong and acts as protective energy. If your room doesn’t have much of airflow, pop one of these babies on to your window sole to sanitise the air. says snake plants are incredibly low maintenance – even if you don’t check up on it frequently it still does its job as it grows resilient. 

Care tip for you and your plant: This plant is a reminder to be resilient. Sit next to your snake plant and give deep breaths that ground you. These plants serve as a reminder that even when you’re transitioning through difficulty, you can still choose to grow through it all.

5. Jasmine 

With its exotic fragrance, this scented plant is used in perfumes as well as herbal remedies. The jasmine plant produces beautiful climbing vines with a colourful flower that’s able to lighten up any room. It also promotes better sleep and fights against air pollutants that lower airborne moulds by 94% in 12 hours. 

Care tip for you and your plant: Your jasmine plant will bloom in late spring into summer. Fertilize your plant close to this time, just as you’d embark on extra care when prepping for the next season in your life.

plants and mental health