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Fenty Beauty rolls out free ‘shade’ consultations

Posted by Avuya Walters

Everything about Rihanna is forward-thinking. While we’ve yet to experience the Barbados star’s musical innovations, she has been making strides with Fenty Beauty.

Fenty Beauty offers free shade consultations

This and other ventures she’s embarked on in high-end fashion is what takes up most of her time. And, boy, does it show.

Fenty Beauty, a cosmetics line founded by the 32-year-old, has taken up its position as one of the few makeup products that actually caters to a wide range of skin tones.

What adds more value to Fenty is the quality of its aftersale. There is a lot more that goes into giving consumers what they want.

At Fenty Beauty, fans can book an appointment with a ‘shade consultant’ if they aren’t sure about the appropriate foundation for their skin.

This add-on is not offered anywhere else and what’s crazy is, it’s absolutely free.

How to book your appointment

Rihanna’s cosmetics company offers 20-minute ‘shade matching consultations’ via Zoom, where customers can get expert advice from Fenty’s beauticians.

Already, January is quickly running out of openings. This week alone, a few slots remain on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which, before the end of the day, could be taken.

Booking a slot is simple. A four-step process where you give Fenty Beauty your name and email address is all it takes, really. The feature is only available to registered users, though.

Shortly after you’ve made the appointment, a Zoom link is sent to the customer, via email. This is where the consultation takes place at the said time.

And, no, you will not be talking to Rihanna or any of her close besties. The consultations are handled by well-trained experts in Fenty Face essentials. Their job is to use your skin tone to find the product most suited for it.

Customers are also not obliged to make a purchase.