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Custom blinds versus Prefabricated Blinds

Swisher Post - 09.09.2021

Custom blinds have become more popular in modern homes but what about prefabricated ones? Here’s a comparative look.

Blinds are not only functional in a home, but it has the power to change the aesthetic of a room, either by blending in with the overall design or by drawing the eye specifically towards a window space.

Many people do not pay much attention to window treatments, and they choose prefabricated, standardized blinds to cover their windows.

However, others have more than just functionality in mind, choosing the best blinds for sale that fit their aesthetic, considering them as important as any other part of the decor in a specified room.

Differences between Custom and Prefabricated Blinds

While both types of blinds are still widely used in homes across the world, both are different in a few ways, including the following.


Blinds come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, allowing for perfect fitment. However, some modern houses do not feature traditional window types, shapes, or sizes, which makes it difficult to find the right size prefabricated blinds for such a space.

Customization allows you to fit the right size and shape of the blind in front of unique window spaces to ensure that you can still control light, temperature, and privacy.


Prefabricated blinds come in an assortment of colours and allow for you to either fit the decor of a specific room, make the window a focal point, and achieve several other interior design objectives.

However, where prefabricated blinds have an array of colours, custom blinds allow for different patterns, colour gradients, and several other components that make these blinds truly unique.


Prefabricated blinds all have a certain function depending on the type of blind you need and its application. Custom blinds allow for further additional functions suited to your unique needs and objectives.


Prefabricated blinds for sale have different price tags according to their type, function, colour, type of material, and other components, making them a cost-effective and budget-friendly option.

However, custom blinds, although inherently more expensive, can truly give you what you need in a certain room. Whether your custom blinds make up for the cost will depend on how well they serve their purpose.

Why Custom Blinds are becoming more popular

One of the main reasons why custom blinds are becoming more popular in traditional and modern homes is that they can complement the design of the room and add a specific style to it.

Custom blinds truly allow for full or partial window coverage, and it is a practical, aesthetically pleasing way to enhance privacy, control light, and temperature.

Custom blinds have become more popular in modern homes where there is a move away from traditional architecture, where windows are not merely for allowing light and fresh air into a space, but where they are part of the aesthetic.

Because of their unique functions and features, custom blinds may be a more expensive option, but the attention they draw is well worth the extra that people pay, especially when they become trendsetters on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and several others.