The right shade of colour for the right purpose

3 May 2021 - 17:10

Here’s how we feel the colours around us.

Written by Michè Edwards

There might be a reason why you’re drawn to that specific colour in your wardrobe. Colour is a powerful form of communication that sees many of us self identify with particular shades. 

Many psychologists and theorists have conducted countless studies on the effects of colour – but there is no doubt that it plays a significant role in our lives.

So, how exactly does colour work? 

We might not realise this but colour plays a powerful source in our lives with certain colours influencing our emotions and even our consumer buying patterns.

“Our perception of different colours is determined by customs, cultural traditions, and, in many ways, by nature itself. For instance, the red is known to increase our pulse rate. Hence, when it comes to choosing your wardrobe, selecting the right colours can both improve your mood and make you more attractive to those around you.”

– Bright side

Feel the colours around you

If you want to go into a day feeling more optimistic or more ‘calm and collected’ there are colours that can help you with that. Incorporate these colours into your day to evoke certain emotions.

Orange: To feel energised and enthusiastic 

Orange brings about feelings of happiness and vitality. Just as red it draws enough attention, however it’s not as overpowering. 

Red: Wear it to evoke passion and boldness 

This is the warmest and most dynamic hue. As it triggers opposing emotions it mostly signifies passion and love as well as anger and danger. It can also increase a person’s heart rate and evoke excitement. 

Yellow: Perfect for spontaneity and joy 

This is the most ‘happy’ of all the colours. Yellow is playful and can be used to awaken the inner child in you while it’s associated with hope and sunshine. 

White: A pure, minimalist, simple shade 

White gives off a minimalistic and simplistic feel. In many cultures, it is associated with purity and virginity. Many brides wear a white dress.


Black: A good touch for a serious, classy and sophisticated look

Black evokes power, luxury, leadership but also neutrality and simplicity. Wear black if you want to seem mysterious. Many choose to wear black to funerals as it signifies mourning or sadness. 

Brown: For grounding purposes

Just as the colour of the earth’s soil, brown makes us feel down to earth. It creates the feelings of stability and grounding. Many vintage items are in a brown hue as they embody an old fashioned sense much like the shade itself.


Green: Earthy and refreshing 

Green signifies wealth, good health and welcomes new beginnings. If you work with crystals, carry around a green aventurine crystal for abundance in your finances. Green also creates balance within us, much like nature. 


Pink: The ‘romance’ and ‘sensitivity’ colour 

Pink is very calm and very sweet. Think pink heart emojis and pink Valentine’s Day decorations. Wear pink on days where you want to come off as ‘soft ‘ and charming. 


Purple: Makes you feel creative and of royalty. 

Historically purple has been recognised with sexual deprivation. However, it is more so the colour of royalty, wisdom, dignity and also mystery and magic.