morning routine

Why you should have a morning routine

Published by Michè Edwards

Does your morning routine sound something like jumping straight out of bed to check emails while scrambling around meetings – barely catching a breath? Many of us see mornings as a snag, but there are simple ways to start the day on a better note. 

What if I’m not a morning person?

A good amount of us are not morning people but what can help with this is to design a routine that is suitable to your needs and that will motivate you to keep consistent. Your routine should consist of things that you love doing but also push you week by week. 

morning routine

Benefits of a morning routine

Increases your productivity

A morning routine allows us to control our schedule rather than it controlling us. You’ll find that you’re able to focus on one task at a time and not waste time.

morning routine

You develop healthy habits

When you get into a routine it’s easier to shed bad habits and create healthier ones. You might find yourself exercising before work, meditating and having a healthy breakfast. 

It improve relationships

Something as simple as a morning routine can affect your relationships. A routine means you’re better organised which allows you to be more accessible to your family. Your stress levels will also lower tremendously and you’re less likely to snap at family members.

It boosts your energy levels 

Usually, our energy levels are lowest when we wake up but a morning routine increases your energy. The consistent cycle of your morning tasks means you give yourself no time to be lazy. 

Tips to create your morning routine suggests these practical ways to develop your routine: 

Be flexible 

You’re not looking for perfection when starting your daily routine but just intentional energy for the routine that is best suited for you. Be flexible enough to let go of what does not work for you and explore what does. 

Be consistent

Don’t be hard on yourself with consistency as it will come naturally to you over time, but strive for it. The positive impact of a routine will motivate you to keep on going. If you skip a day, jump back on track and repeat.

Plan at night

If there are things you’d like to set before bed that’ll make your morning easier, then do so. This could be prepping for breakfast and setting out your outfit for the day ahead.