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Remembering Stella Tennant: Five things you didn’t know about the catwalk icon

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

The fashion world is mourning the mysterious and untimely death of 50-year-old Stella Tennant, a non-conformist catwalk veteran that wore her heart on her sleeve and shied away from the limelight, however famous she was.

Stella Tennant found dead in her home: What’s the cause of death?

As reported by Daily Mail, the British aristocrat was found dead in her rural Scotland home at approximately 11:30 on Tuesday. The circumstances of her passing are unknown at this stage.

The case of her mysterious death is currently the priority of Police Scotland who, thus far, have indicated that “there are no suspicious circumstances”.

Tributes poured in from prominent figures in the fleeting fashion industry. Versace described the 50-year-old as “Gianni Versace’s muse for many years”. Respected designer Stella McCartney left Tennant a heartfelt message after hearing news of her passing, which read:

“My darling Stella, I f*g love you and will miss you so, so terribly. What sad, horrific news to end this already shocking year.”

Five things you may not have known about Tennant

A mysterious figure with a strong and ever-lasting presence in high-end modelling, Tennant loved her quaint life in the expansive green lands of Scotland.

Since she got married in 1999, raising her four children and paying her loyalty and commitment to her osteopath husband David Lasnet was all the pleasure she sought from life.

But, there was so much more to this lanky blue-eyed beauty than meets the eye. We did some research and found five things you may not have known about the 50-year-old.

  1. She was born into aristocracy

Tennant is the youngest of three children of Tobias William Tennant, son of the 2nd Baron Glenconner, and Lady Emma Cavendish. She was the grandchild of Andrew Cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire and Deborah Mitford, one of the Mitford sisters.

  1. She was friends with Plum Sykes

A chance encounter with Plum Sykes (Victoria Rowland) turned into a longtime friendship. Much of Tennant’s success in modelling can be owed to Sykes who is said to have orchestrated Tennant’s debut on the cover of Italian Vogue, in 1993.

  1. Her last thoughts on the future of modelling post-Covid

In a Daily Mail report written by Guy Adams, a neighbour recalled the last conversation they had recently with Tennant, who, in no uncertain terms, expressed her concern for her future in modelling post-Covid-19.

“I saw her recently out on her horse, and we had a good chat. She seemed well but did say she was very worried about [the impact of] Covid [on fashion] because she thought it might mean she never worked again.

“She said that by the time people were allowed to travel again and the catwalk shows re-started, she would be regarded as too old. But that was the only thing that gave the impression she wasn’t completely happy,” the neighbour told the cited publication.

  1. She was a green lifestyle activist

11 years ago, the 50-year-old launched a campaign with Global Cool to promote energy sustainability and less usage of it in households. She also championed campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment.

  1. She is a Hall of Famer

In 2012, Tennant was inducted into the Scottish Fashion Awards Hall of Fame as Model of the Year.