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Watch: Drake admits Pusha T won the rap beef [video]

Avuya Walters - 27.12.2019

Drake admitted that from a rap battle perspective, Pusha T was a genius in the way he reeled him in for the kill.

Drake, born Aubrey Graham, is not one for the interviews. He leads in every artistic category but interviews just aren’t his thing.

He would not have it any other way, though. Contrary to popular belief, Drake is not fixated on the enormous celebrity he has garnered through his hard work, over the years.

If he had it his way, he’d prefer a normal life with all the material wealth and relationships he has accumulated.

This is the energy you will feel when you tune into his recent interview with the Rap Radar podcast, a show curated by Elliott Wilson and

Watch: Drake sits down with Rap Radar at his Toronto mansion

The two-hour conversation takes Drake to his roots; where he began, what life was like under the wing of Hip-Hop’s greatest success story, Lil Wayne; and where he is headed, as the genre’s biggest superstar.

Of course, the dent in Drake’s pristine career came in 2019. This was the elephant in the room of his mansion, in Toronto.

After a few chuckles here and there, and past the admiration of his multimillion-dollar catalogue, there was the Pusha T saga to address.

For the first time since Pusha T handed down the second-greatest diss song in Hip-Hop history, Story of Adidon, Drake admitted defeat.

He told Wilson and B.Dot that, from a rap battle perspective, Pusha T was a genius in the way he reeled him in for the kill.

“I tip my hat to the chess move. I mean, it was a genius play in the game of chess and definitely warranted my first ‘loss’ in the competitive sport of rapping,” Drake said.

Aside from claiming that he accepted defeat by choice, Drake made it abundantly clear that the broken relationship with Pusha T is nothing that he desires to ever mend.