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This is why Swizz Beats apologised to Drake on Fathers’ Day [video]

Published by Avuya Walters

If you want a practical explanation for why it is not a good idea to get on Instagram Live inebriated, then look no further than the video below which shows Swizz Beats disrespecting Drake.

Does Swizz Beats really hate Drake?

The producer was early on the Drizzy buzz. At the time Drake dropped Thank Me Later, Swizz Beats was already a household name in Hip-Hop.

You just were not New York-certified if you didn’t have a Swizz loop in your tracklist. Fancy featuring T.I is still one of the cleanest cuts in modern-day rap but we could not have guessed that Swizz Beats felt some type of way about Drake.

It all started with a song leak

This became apparent in a recent Zone Radio show. Speaking to Busta Rhymes on the Instagram Live platform, the producer picked the iconic tongue-twisting phenom’s brain about his thoughts on a recently leaked song featuring Drizzy on a J Dilla beat.

For those who are not clued up on this incredible leak, you can stream it below.


Swizz Beats calls Drake ‘a p***y’ on IG Live

Busta explained that Drake had tried to dig into his crates because he knew that he was one of the few rappers with original Dilla cuts.

You can hear his version of why the song was never released by Drake in his own words (thread attached below) but at every turn, the producer kept on interjecting with references to the OVO star as “a p***y”.

Busta contained himself and tried his best to explain the situation without speaking on how he feels about Drizzy.

On the other hand, the show’s host was throwing back cocktails and driving the derogatory narrative about Drake.

The apology that was not accepted by OVO

The next morning, Swizz Beats took to social media to apologise to Drake for his outrageous behaviour.


Suffice it to say, it fell on deaf ears. Drizzy has not given this any of his attention. instead, he opted to focus his energy on his son Adonis on Fathers’ Day.

He didn’t have to because his OVO gang unleashed a virtual assault on the producer, calling him out as a “p***y” and making threats that the producer ought to take serious.

Check out this thread for a play-by-play breakdown of the events surrounding the Swizz x Drake beef: