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Listen: Alicia Keys quietly drops ‘Good Job’ new single [audio]

Published by Avuya Walters

At crucial times in our lives where we needed her the most, Alicia Keys has done a good job at never being late.

The singer quietly gifted us with brand new music, on Thursday.

Alicia Keys is back on the circuit with Good Job

Good Job is Alicia Keys’ second release in 2020, a follow-up to Underdog which dropped in January, back when she was at the start of her promotional tour for her self-titled seventh studio album, Alicia.

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Much like many other top-tier musicians, Alicia Keys’ album rollout was negatively affected by the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Music labels forced to be agile amid COVID-19

The United States (US) has been hit the hardest, after what we all witnessed in Italy and Spain. Latest COVID-19 statistics indicate that the country is edging closer to one million infections (855 250) with 47 974 deaths confirmed.

While the US government is playing with the idea of reopening the economy, in the midst of this deadly pathogen, music labels have had to be agile with the way they do business.

Is Alicia Keys still dropping her album?

Artists like Big Sean and Future have played it safe and opted to wait out the quarantine period and return on rollout mode when all this has passed.

No word has been heard from Alicia Keys about her latest album plans. For now, it is a matter of keeping tabs on the singer. You never know, we might just get hit with a surprise release, much like Good Job.

Listen: Alicia Keys’ new single Good Job

Alicia Keys’ new single is available for purchase on every digital streaming platform. You can also stream the song from her YouTube page that we’ve embedded below.