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MacKenzie Scott: Bezos ex-wife weds her kids’ science teacher

8 March 2021 - 13:36

MacKenzie Scott moved her billions into a new home, with her kids’ high school teacher.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

After the highly publicised divorce that occurred between one of the most powerful couples on the planet, MacKenzie Scott has finally found herself a king to her multi-billion-dollar throne.

Dan Jewett: Who is the lucky guy?

According to sources such as The Wall Street Journal, Scotts’ new lover goes by the name Dan Jewett and the announcement of their marriage was made public on Sunday.

Surprisingly, Scott and Jewett managed to keep the whole relationship under wraps as nobody even knows when the newlyweds officially tied the knot.

A look at MacKenzie Scott and her new marriage

Many reports have come out stating that Jewett is in fact a science teacher at one of Scott and Bezos’ children’s high school, which has raised many eyebrows about how this new-found love came about.

Jewett, however, has come out to support his new wife in her goal as a successful philanthropist and has even stated that he would be more than pleased to give away a large amount of wealth they now own together.

“Currently, l am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know and joining her in a commitment to pass on enormous financial wealth to serve others,” – Dan Jewett said.

What does Bezos think of all this?

Although the marriage between Bezos’ and Scott ended after 25 years resulting in billions of dollars and four children, its apparent that they still have respect for each other.

Amazon spokesperson James Carney announced that Bezos’ was actually happy for the new couple with Bezos’ himself adding that he appreciated Jewett and that he was pleased for the newlyweds.

After Bezos’ found himself a new lover in Lauren Sanchez back in 2019, many were happy to see his former lover find love herself and many were quick to point out how lucky her new man must be to enter a household worth R997 billion ($64.4 billion).