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Happy Bey Day: Five iconic Beyonce moments of 2020

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For the BeyHive, little else was of relevance when the clock struck midnight on Friday 4 September, to mark the 39th birthday of their queen, Beyonce Knowles.

The world celebrates ‘Bey Day’

The R&B singer has completed yet another cycle on this earth and to still have her actively engaged with her fans through her craft is a refreshing reminder that there is still some good in this world.

Scores of celebrities and regular fans of the megastar took time out of their day to send Beyonce well wishes on her 39th birthday. Here are some of the posts we picked out:

Five iconic Beyonce moments of 2020

Beyonce holds a significant and unique meaning to every black woman. For some, her seismic ascendence to greatness is the driving force behind their success.

For us, it is the immense power she possesses in her presence. Every Beyonce moment is iconic and we have collected five instances where the 39-year-old completely blew the world away in 2020.

Her tear-jerking dedication to healthcare workers

In the midst of a global pandemic that has ruptured the world’s healthcare system, Beyonce took to her Instagram to soothe us with an acapella rendition of Wishing On A Star.

This was an announcement of her partnership with Disney for a songbook sing-along that raised funds for Feeding America.

Beyonce pays tribute to George Floyd

The tragic death of George Floyd is still fresh in our memories. Bey’s efforts to drive change in US police policies are still in the works and this plea from the queen has is just one of the steps she’s taken to confront social injustices against black people in America.

Her ‘Class of 2020’ appearance

Covid-19 almost ruined the moment for US graduates. But, thanks to YouTube, it was saved by Bey’s heartwarming message. You can revisit it below:

Beyonce releases Black Parade

The soundtrack to the revolt against an unjust system was Beyonce’s Black Parade, a song released in the midst of racial tensions between the oppressed black people of America and a conservative, Republican government, Listen to this powerful song below:

And of course, Black Is King

The release of her music film dubbed Black Is King, is probably the most visually charged and polarising content collection out this year.

Beyonce singlehandedly united Africa through the arts and made history. The documentary is available to watch on Disney+. Here’s the trailer:

Final thoughts on Beyonce? She is art. She is needed, especially at a period of our existence where the oppressed live with insecurity that’s used as a measure of mind control to keep us at the mercy of our oppressors.

Happy birthday, Beyonce.