Fake Usher money gets the R&B singer clowned on social media

13 April 2021 - 10:27

Usher gets violated on social media after allegedly using fake money at a strip club although some say this is false

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Famous American R&B singer Usher has been trending all over social media after he was caught allegedly using his own fake money at strip clubs.

How Usher was slammed for using fake money

On the 12th of April 2021, the online world was shocked to find out that veteran R&B singer ,Usher Raymond IV, had been caught tipping female strippers with fake Usher currency.

This was made aware after a viral IG story by @beel0ove had made its rounds with the exotic dancers boyfriend airing out Usher’s stingy behaviour all over social media.

The fake ‘Usher Buck’ notes are a hilarious attempt at impersonating a real dollar note with the same font and colour, however, instead of Benjamin Franklin’s face, we have the face of the R&B singer.

Of course, what made the exotic dancer more upset was the fact that the fake dollar had no trade value at all meaning they were useless and could be used as mere props.

Over on social media, users had one hell of a time continuously clowning Usher for his actions.

Was the ‘Usher Bucks’ really being used?

Usher has always been ridiculed for the most outlandish things like his $1.1m (R16m) settlement after transmitting herpes to his former sex partner back in 2017.

However, with the news of the famous singer using fake money, this whole story may be false and the stripper and her boyfriend who made it viral could have done it all for the clout.

According to TMZ, this all happened at the Sapphire in Las Vegas where Usher did in fact use real money, spending thousands of dollars.

The fake Usher bills were just made as a gag and were left at the club as a way to promote his new Vegas residency by one of Usher’s crewmates.

The strip club owners assured everybody that Usher was a great host and the whole story may have been fabricated just to earn some people some clout.