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We think Drake is haunted by Kanye West, Pusha T on ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later’

Published by Andile Sicetsha

We have every reason to believe that Drake is nursing a long-drawn-out grudge against Kanye West and Pusha T. This is evidenced by the subliminal messsaging we picked up on in his brand new single Laugh Now, Cry Later featuring Lil Durk.

Important news: Drake unveils album title

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of Laugh Now, Cry Later‘s glaring shots at GOOD Music adversaries, Drizzy let it be known that the single is the official headliner from his sixth studio album Certified Lover Boy.


The title alone indicates that Drake is at a point in his career where he is absolutely shattering charts and drawls with very little effort from his end. He is certified in his ability to completely dominate the music circuit and the mind of your significant other, most probably.

Lyric breakdown: Here’s why we think this is a diss track

Unfortunately, no release date accompanied the album title unveiling. But, there is a bigger concern to address. A close look at the song’s lyrics suggests that Drizzy has not gotten over his tiff with Pusha T and more prominently, Kanye West.

On numerous occasions, Drake makes charging references that, if you take into consideration how Pusha foiled his big Adidas-sponsored baby reveal, can be taken as subliminal shots at the Yeezy camp.

For instance, the Canadian rapper opens the first verse of the song with:

"Tired of beefin' you bums, you can't even pay me enough to react."

Drizzy has had a number of grudge matches with many artists but none has cast a dent the way Pusha T’s Story of Adidon did.

Drake continues, requesting clubs and music establishments to “please don’t play that n***a songs in this party, I can’t even listen to that.”

So far, it is pretty clear that he is referring to Pusha. Then, on the same verse, Drizzy spins a clever entendre aimed at newly recruited GAP partner, Yeezy when he says:

"Distance between us is not like a store, this isn't a closeable gap."

Lil Durk chimes in on the second verse with a direct jab at Tekashi 6ix9ine when he flips Drake’s bar from Verse 1:

"Can you not play that lil' boy in the club? 'Cause we do not listen to rats."

Things get very interesting in the third verse, when Drake closes it in reflection of the events that led up to the release of Story of Adidon, we believe.

Remember, Pusha T went on The Joe Budden Podcast (Episode 188) and told Budden, Rory, Mal and Parks that the leaked information about Drake’s ‘hidden’ son was spilled by Noah “40” Shebib and not Kanye West.

In the third verse, it’s clear as day that Drake is in all likelihood referring to this situation when he raps:

"When he tell the story, that's not how it went
Know they be lyin', a hundred percent
Moved out the Ritz and forgot 'bout the Bent'
Valet just called me to tell me come get it
Knocked that boy off and I don't want no credit
If it was me, they wouldn't regret it
Left me for dead and now they wan' dead it, yeah
Heart is still beatin', my niggas still eatin'
Backyard, it look like the Garden of Eden
Pillow talk with 'em, she spillin' the tea
And then shawty came back and said she didn't mean it
It's hard to believe it."

Regardless of the shade we picked up, Laugh Now, Cry Later is a song that will most likely extend Drake’s epic run on the Billboard charts and serve as great anticipation for the impending release of his sixth studio album and we are here for it — just not the petty back and forth.

You can check out the video below: