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Big Sean ‘Detroit 2’ dethrones 6ix9ine on US iTunes

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Apart from the all-encompassing US iTunes chart, there isn’t another instance in this lifetime that would pit Big Sean against Tekashi 6ix9ine.

In every respect, these two artists are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Big Sean, a super conscientious rapper is at a different plateau.

Big Sean debuts Detroit 2 at the summit of US iTunes

He has seen and done it all. After a three-year hiatus, following the release of the widely criticised Double or Nothing collab with Metroboomin, Sean Don has returned to the fold with a 21-track sequel titled Detroit 2.

Sean’s sixth studio album features guest appearances from his lover Jhene Aiko, Eminem and other Detroit natives, skits from Stevie Wonder and comedian Dave Chappelle, and an onslaught of bangers.

This is Big Sean at his ultimate best and with his third eye unlocked, it’s unfathomable what the future holds for the star.

Detroit 2 has dethroned 6ix9ine’s Tattle Tales on the US iTunes chart, as the two artists battle it out for the top spot on Billboard‘s Hot 200.

If you have an Apple Music subscription, you can stream the album below:

6ix9ine silences haters on Tattle Tales

The meteoric rise and fall of 6ix9ine is a chapter in Hip-Hop history that deserves its own film script. The 22-year-old has released his second studio album months after his life had been written off by the streets.

As a proud informant, 6ix9ine was not meant to survive outside of confinement for this long. But, the rapper has released at least four music videos since he got out of prison, travelled to Los Angeles and Chicago and mocked every gangster on the internet.

For 6ix9ine, it is the life he chose to live and die by and as long as he still breathes the same air as everyone else, he will keep delivering bangers.

Tattle Tales is available for download and purchase on every digital streaming platform. The album currently sits below Detroit 2 on the US iTunes chart.

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