Life is beautiful fest

Billie Eillish, A$AP Rocky and more set to perform at Life Is Beautiful festival

Ntsika Novoyi - 11.03.2021

Billie Eillish, A$AP Rocky and more to perform at Life Is Beautiful concert

Music festivals could finally be making a return after it was announced that the famous Las Vegas Life Is Beautiful festival 2021 will commence in September having acts like A$AP Rocky, Billie Eillish, Tame Impala, Young Thug accepting their invitation to perform at the show.

Life Is Beautiful 2021: How will they do it?

Even though many festival goers have been dreaming of such an announcement and with the aim to have majority of the public vaccinated by September, the question of how they will conduct such a risky event still dwells on people’s minds.

With this year still dealing with the pandemic issue and the uncertainty of an actual working virus, nevermind the people who will actually receive it, many fear if this would be such a smart move to attend the Life Is Beautiful concert expecting to hold thousands of people from all over the world.

In an email statement made by festival director Lauren DelFrago, she assured hopeful attendees that the festival had always taken precaution when hosting the event and she would continue to do so at such a risky moment in time.

 “We have always put the health, safety, and security of our community first. As we prepare to produce the 2021 festival, we feel a heightened sense of responsibility to our staff, partners, performers, and attendees, and continue to work closely with local and state officials to ensure a safe return to live music.” said DelFrago.

Even though this is the case, it seems like it hasn’t stopped hopeful attendees wanting to experience the return of the festival with the general admissions and VIP tickets being sold out within the first hour.

A$AP Rocky expresses his excitment

One artist many people have been buzzing to see at the concert is the A$AP mob member, A$AP Rocky who is well known for hosting some of the most exciting live performances.

Forbes magazine managed to get a statement from the Praise The Lord star, with Rocky showing the most enthusiasm towards being able to once again grace the stage in front of a live crowd.

”I just want to f**k s**t up, I want to f**k the stage up. I just want to get back out there, get the blood flowing, energy pumping. I just want to touch people in a sonic sense. I want people to give me that same kind of energy.said the Harlem rapper.

With a statement like that coming from one of the biggest rappers in the game, it’s no surprise people are risking it all in order not to miss such an event.

Who else to expect from the show?

Besides Rocky, Grammy Award winning artist Billie Eillish is also set to take the stage with other major acts like the hit-making hip hop star Young Thug, Dreamvilles JID, Cactus Jack’s Don Toliver and legendary MC Ludacris.

Other big acts also include the legendary band Green Day, the electrifying Tame Impala, the king of deep house Fisher and the smooth RnB star 6LACK and many more.

As exciting as it all sounds, would you attempt to risk it all just to be part of this experience?