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The art of keto: A more practical diet plan

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

The ketogenic diet, or keto, in short, is a controversial topic in many health circles but it may be the one-stop solution for those looking for practical ways to lose weight with little effort in physical exercise.

Losing weight is a battle we all lose

Let’s be real, committing to a workout regimen is a struggle for most. It requires a level of consistency many people are unable to adhere to, for whatever reason.

A busy weekday filled with early morning routines and intense work or study schedules dominate our lives, making it hard to dedicate any time to physical activities.

Some manage fine with this. It is a greater thrill they seek. For many others, however, a diet plan is the sure way to tackling weight issues.

This area, though, is convoluted with misinformation and swindlers trying to get a buck from the vulnerable. Too many products are entering the market, each making bold claims about ‘rapid’ fat-burning pills and shakes.

If it was this easy to lose weight, the world would not be losing its battle against obesity, a silent epidemic that’s raged on for decades.

What is the keto diet and what’s all the rage about it?

In essence, there are two practical methods of losing a considerable amount of weight in any defined period: advanced exercise and a cut-throat diet plan.

The latter is the focus of this piece and our favourite plan is the keto diet.

The Diet Doctor defines the keto diet as a polarising low-carb, high-protein and fat eating regimen that is designed specifically for weight loss.

It realigns the way your body processes energy. On a high carbohydrate diet, the body converts as much energy as it can and the rest (the excess daily carb count) is stored as fat. For as long as you exceed your prescribed daily count, the excess carbs will turn to fat that usually sits around your waist, arms and legs.

The keto diet changes things completely. Restricting the body to high fats and protein — and fewer carbs — forces it to look elsewhere for energy supplies.

This diet provides a perfect alternative energy source — ketones.

“This is an alternative fuel source for your body that can be used when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply.”

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, Diet Doctor

When you starve your body from carbs, the liver produces fuel molecules called ketones, from fat. This, the body produces when it enters a metabolic state called ketosis.

A common way most people enter this state is when they fast. The benefit of the keto diet is that you can eat the foods you love indefinitely and still burn fat.

Things to eat and avoid on a keto diet

It sounds unbelievable but more than 50 studies show it to be the most practical solution to weight loss.

Here are some of the food groups you are allowed to consume:

  • natural fats (butter, olive oil etc.);
  • fish and seafood;
  • meat;
  • eggs;
  • cheese; and
  • vegetables that grow above ground.

You can also consume as much water, tea and coffee as you want. With respect to the latter, it’s advised that you drop the sugar completely and only enjoy your java or salon with milk in moderation.

These are the foods you are expected to avoid:

  • fruit;
  • potatoes;
  • beer;
  • pasta, cooked;
  • bread;
  • soda;
  • juice;
  • rice, cooked;
  • chocolate bars;
  • doughnuts; and
  • sweets.

Also, processed foods and other take-aways are a complete no-no.

Are there any effective and no-bullshit keto diet programs out there?

The first thing to do when you are about to make changes to your diet is to consult your general practitioner for advice. Drastic diet changes can have adverse effects on people who have pre-existing conditions like diabetes.

The second is to look into FastKeto. This is, perhaps, the most convenient way to personalise your keto diet to your specific needs.

FastKeto is a keto diet program that provides you with all the tools needed to achieve your weight loss goals. The platform screens your current weight, calculates your body mass index and based on age, weight and lifestyle habits, develops personalised daily meal plans that meet your weight loss needs.

You can try it out with the one-month program that comes with:

  • a personalised 28-day Keto Diet plan;
  • 24/7 nutritionist support;
  • personalised macronutrient ratio for your diet;
  • simple ingredients from any store;
  • easy-to-follow delicious recipes;
  • printable grocery list;
  • digital access on any device

Our personal recommendation is the three-month program. It comes with all of the above for a quarter, more than enough time to properly adjust to a drastic dietary change.

FastKeto is currently running a promotion on this offer, with 60% slashed off its monthly subscription price. We receive a portion of the sale so your support would be greatly appreciated.

Keto may be a practical approach to weight loss but it can be dangerous if you have pre-existing health issues. It’s best to take this information to your doctor for further advice if you are taking medication for an illness.