Dry skin

Five tips to help soothe dry skin

Zintle Nkohla - 05.07.2021

Dry skin is probably the most common skin problem in winter. Here are tips to help soothe your ashy skin.

Dry skin can be caused by a lot of things, and although it might not be an alarming health condition, it might help you to know the following tips, whether you have dry skin or you are avoiding developing one. Healthline says that heat, hot showers, arid climates, and harsh soaps can all trigger dry skin.

Tackle dry skin with these five tips

1. Use coconut oil for your dry skin

Coconut oil has emollient properties that fill the spaces between skin cells, according to Healthline. So applying coconut oil now and then would result in soft and smooth skin.

Unlike other cosmetic products that might contain heavy chemicals, you can use coconut oil daily even on the most sensitive skins –underneath your eyes and around your mouth.

2. Petroleum jelly

Everyone’s household always has petroleum jelly waiting for the driest seasons. It’s good for both adults and children. And guess what? Science also approves it. According to studies, petroleum jelly also known as mineral oil covers the skin in a protective layer while also providing the skin with moisture.

3. Oatmeal baths can also help dry skin

Bathing in oatmeal might sound weird but this remedy has proven to be effective. People have been using this remedy for years. Oatmeal has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation, Healthline says. This remedy is especially effective if you’re seeking to relieve itching. After a bath with oat, it would really help for you to moisturise your skin to lock in the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Gloves

If you know you might touch irritants like detergent and soap ensure that you wear gloves because you could get serious dry skin from irritants.

Wear gloves when you are touching water or outside under extremely cold conditions.

5. Check your shower temperatures

Your shower routines can also greatly impact the condition of your skin. While some people might like using significantly hot temperatures, this might be damaging to your skin.

It is recommended that you take a warm and definitely not hot shower, and minimise the amount of time you take in there.