five signs you're overeating

Five signs you’re overeating without realising it

Published by Michè Edwards

We all have common habits of sometimes binge eating our favourite foods and luxuries till we’re stuffed on the couch. However, it is important to note that eating is a learned behaviour and could easily escalate into an overeating disorder. 

Signs you’re unconsciously overeating 

Below we list signs that could help you bounce back just in time.

DISCLAIMER: We encourage you to contact a physician before making any dietary changes.

  1. You often eat with distractions 

TV dinning or dining while scrolling through social media should not become a routine. Experts say that this type of mindless eating disconnects the mind from hunger and what is being put in the body to fuel it. It’s recommended to disconnect from technology while eating which helps to take mindful slower bites.

2. You rely on food for emotional comfort

If you’re feeling a great deal of emotional distress and turn to food to “make you feel better” or “soothe the pain” this is an early sign of emotional eating. At that point overeating occurs when food becomes the constant emotional clutch and support.  One way of identifying it is emotional hunger comes on suddenly and is overwhelming while physical hunger on the other hand comes on gradually. 

3. You continue to eat after feeling stuffed

We’ve all been there, binging on our favourite Netflix series while chowing away at a 3 layered cheesy pizza till stuffed. But there’s a difference between feeling stuffed and feeling satisfied. To help with this, suggests mindful eating which encourages you to not deprive yourself from nutrients you get from certain foods. 

4. You often feel out of control when food is involved

If you’re eating a meal with or without people and feel your anxiety rising then it might be a trap of overeating. When you limit yourself from certain foods and introduce yourself to them after a period of constraint an intense drive to eat again comes along – which leads to anxiety and feelings of being “out of control”.

5. You eat out of boredom 

Do you ever find yourself at home bored and your mind wanders into the kitchen cabinets and refridgerator? Yes, we all do it but others find themselves in a uncontrollable loop by doing so. Ask yourself “Am I really hungry and does my body need nourishment right now?” If the answer is no find constructive ways to occupy yourself until your body is hungry for nourishment.