5 meditation techniques

Effective Meditation Techniques – that actually work

Swisher Post - 12.03.2021

5 effective meditation techniques you should jump on.

In a highly demanding world, meditation offers “you-time” where you’re able to release some stressors of life mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Five meditation techniques that actually work

Spiritual leaders and mental health experts have developed countless meditation techniques and there’s definitely one – or a few, that could help you today. See our top five below.

  1. Kundalini 

Kundalini Yoga is the more physical form of meditation that fuses movement and mantras. Similar to other forms of yoga, Kundalini builds physical strength and reduces pain while additionally working on your mental state. It is also said to reduce anxiety and depression.

  1. Loving kindness

Also known as Metta meditation, the Loving kindness practice is just that. Its goal is to allow you to progress forward with love and kindness for everything, even stressors in life. While mindfully breathing, practitioners open their hearts and minds to receiving loving kindness. The key is to repeat the message and proceed into your day with a loving kindness attitude.

  1. Visualisation 

This technique invites you to picture a particular goal in mind, replacing the breath with a mental image. Imagine watching yourself experiencing the good and exciting feelings associated with attaining that goal. Those good feelings raise your vibration and help you to actively make your vision a reality.

  1. Body scan/Progressive 

Body scan or Progressive meditation encourages individuals to scan the body for any areas of tension or pain. In some cases practitioners are to tense up the body to then relax and release thereafter. Others encourage a person to visualize a wave going over the body – from feet all the way up to the crown of the head. 

  1. Transcendental 

The goal is to rise or “transcend” above your current state of being by repeating a mantra for 20 minutes, which is why it is associated with spiritual benefits. Health blog headspace.com says traditionally, it is done with a teacher that chooses a mantra for you based on a complex of factors, even your birth year. 


  1. Any form of meditation is most effective with repetition and consistent practice. 
  2. Utilise meditation apps, they’re there to help 
  3. It always helps to do some more research.