Brickz seeks redemption: Disgraced Kwaito star joins prison choir

Swisher Post - 12.11.2019

Brickz has found a new outlet to deal with his past transgressions.

The fall from grace Brickz took was a hard one but the disgraced Kwaito star — and convicted rapist — has embarked on a journey to salvation after it was reported that he has since joined a prison choir.

Who is Brickz and why is he in jail?

Brickz, born Sipho Ndlovu, is currently serving his 15-year prison sentence for his then-16-year-old relative. Before the conviction, Brickz was one of the most prolific Kwaito stars in South African music.

He will always be revered for his contribution to changing the scope of the genre with crossover hits like “Sweety My Baby” and his sophomore offering, Face-Brick.

In 2016, however, he would lose all of his fortunes to the rape charge. It is believed that the incident occurred at his rental home, in Northgate, Johannesburg, six years ago.

Two years into his conviction, Brickz won an appeal and was released on R80 000 bail and allowed an opportunity to present his case to a court.

However, the South Gauteng High Court upheld the judgment and the Kwaito star was, once again, sent back to jail to serve the rest of his sentence.

Perks of being part of a prison choir

Since he was transferred from Krugersdorp Correctional Services to the Leeuwkop Correctional Services Centre, we have not heard much from the star.

In February, DJ Cleo caught flak for paying the star, and his friend, a visit. Beyond that, there has been no buzz about Brickz’ time behind bars.

However, in a recently published Times Live piece, the star’s manager was quoted saying that Brickz has begun his journey to salvation and joined a prison choir.

“Brickz is part of a choir in prison. They usually perform in church or at weddings. He has a choir background because when he was younger he was part of a choir,” his manager, Grey Mafumbu said.

At this time, it is not clear whether the star gets privileges over other inmates. It is also not clear if the weddings are held outside of the prison compound or not.