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Alexandra Cane: Is this Black Coffee’s new squeeze? [photo]

Swisher Post - 04.08.2020

Is #AlexandraCane the latest woman romantically involved with #BlackCoffee? We did some digging and here’s the truth:

“Alexandra Cane,” that’s the name on the lips of every South African at the moment.

Who is Alexandra Cane?

alexandra cane
Photo: Sourced from @alexandralouise_ / Instagram

The dashing beauty surfaced on the radar of South African trending topics after she shared a tweet exchange with revered DJ Black Coffee.

Africa’s biggest jockey is in Mykonos, Greece, for business and fans couldn’t help but put two-and-two together when Cane dropped a cryptic caption accompanied by a sizzling picture of her going up a flight of stairs similar to those in a picture posted by Black Coffee.

We did some digging and it turns out Cane is a fitness entrepreneur.

It is not clear why she is Mykonos but from the tidbits of clips we saw from her Instagram page, she may not have travelled alone.

Is this Black Coffee’s new squeeze?

The real question is, does her trip to Greece have anything to do with recently separated Black Coffee? Well, there is more than one answer to this.

Our investigation leads us to believe that Cane and Black Coffee are not romantically involved, at all. Of course, we could be incorrect.

However, it seems that Cane’s spicy tweet may have been a way of stating that she and her mates were ready to enjoy a set from Black Coffee, who was tipped for a private party in the Greek vacation town.

Nowhere in our probing did we find anything to suggest that Cane and Black Coffee are seeing each other romantically.

Still, that did not stop Mzansi’s netizens for handing the DJ a big W for associating with such beauty.

Coffee is still in the process of parting ways — as amicably as possible — with his estranged wife, actress and businesswoman Enhle Mbali.

There currently has not been a new development in the proceedings, as the couple continues to find ways to reach finality on a complex divorce process.