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New evidence in Senzo Meyiwa case could end Kelly Khumalo

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Hope has been restored in the quest to find the killers of South African national goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa and yet again, singer Kelly Khumalo has been fingered as the alleged mastermind.

If everything reported by City Press is sourced from reputable sources then it could only be a matter of time before an indictment is issued for the arrest of the 35-year-old songstress.

‘Kelly Khumalo could be charged with killing Senzo Meyiwa’ – Source

The cited publication recently published a gobsmacking exclusive with details shared by an unnamed source about the murder investigation that has Khumalo as the alleged mastermind behind the killing of Meyiwa.

The former Orlando Pirates first-choice goalkeeper was gunned down in what was reported as a botched armed robbery, at the residence of Khumalo’s mother in Vosloorus, Boksburg, on Sunday 26 October 2014.

Alleged hitman confesses: Here’s what he said

According to the testimony of an alleged hitman that, on Tuesday 30 June 2020, submitted an oral confession before a Boksburg magistrate, the plot to murder Meyiwa was allegedly hatched at a shopping mall in Johannesburg.

The alleged plot

Based on the confession statements made by two hitmen that have since turned to cooperate with authorities (City Press claims to have seen these statements), it would seem that the murder plot was allegedly initiated two weeks before the goalkeeper’s death.

Khumalo, it’s alleged, met with the hitmen at a mall which remains unnamed at this stage. All we can confirm is, this shopping district is apparently situated in the east of Johannesburg.

The alleged hitman’s testimony further revealed that after a dispute about the alleged price on Meyiwa’s head, it was supposedly settled that Khumalo would allegedly fork out R250 000 upon completion of the assignment.

How many hitmen Kelly Khumalo allegedly hired

At this time, there are conflicting reports about the exact number of suspects involved in the murder of Meyiwa. The cited report claims seven hitmen were allegedly hired to carry out the murder.

However, this has not been verified by the police. There is also the question of members of the Khumalo family who may have had a hand in overseeing the plot but, in this instance too, the claims can’t be verified.

What was the alleged motive?

In the statement of the cooperating suspect, it is said that Khumalo allegedly resorted to this extreme measure after realising that:

  • Meyiwa was allegedly not forthcoming with a sum of money he had allegedly promised her;
  • he had allegedly lost interest in leaving his then-wife Mandisa for her; after
  • she had apparently found out — after the fact — that he was a married man.

Will Kelly Khumalo face murder charges? – Here’s what we know

The task team that was assembled by Police Minister Bheki Cele has closed the case and filed it with the NPA where a decision on whether charges will be filed against all those involved is expected soon.

From what has been reported, it seems the State has an airtight case against the suspects. An insider who worked closely with the murder case told City Press:

“We have a watertight case. We’ve managed to track down a firearm that was used to kill Senzo [Meyiwa]. The ballistic test results have positively linked the suspects to the murder, which we’ve established was premeditated.”

Authorities, we believe, also secured the cooperation of a traditional healer that claims to have held consultations with the alleged hitmen prior to the murder and was allegedly paid R5 000, after the fact, to spiritually guide them in the plot.

The matter now rests with the NPA. Will the evidence encourage the State to pursue criminal charges against the suspects? Is Khumalo part of the impending indictment? All of these questions remain unanswered at this time.

Khumalo, who has been promoting new music, has not come forward with a statement.

This is a developing story.