colin kaepernick character on madden 21

Colin Kaepernick returns as free-agent QB on Madden 21

Andile Sicetsha - 08.09.2020

Colin Kaepernick returns to #Madden21 as a free agent QB with an OVR of 81.

On Tuesday, EA Sports announced the virtual return of ex-communicated star quarterback (QB) Colin Kaepernick on Madden 21.

Colin Kaepernick is a Madden 21 free agent

This marks the first time gamers can select Kaepernick during gameplay since the 2016 season. The widespread blackballing of the former San Francisco 49ers signal-caller came when he began kneeling during the United States’ (US) national anthem.

This sparked nationwide outrage and quite literally divided the country in political ideology. One one end, conservatives accused Kaepernick of dishonouring the American flag, a key symbol of their pride. On the other, leftist progressives empathised with the 32-year-old’s picketing against racial inequality and police brutality.

“Colin Kaepernick is one of the top free agents in football and a starting-calibre quarterback. The team at EA SPORTS, along with millions of Madden NFL fans, want to see him back in our game,” EA Sports noted in a statement.

Madden 21: What you get from signing Kaepernick

Kaepernick returns to Madden 21 as a free-agent, drawing inspiration from the star’s reality. The difference in this virtual experience is, gamers can sign Kap as a starter for any football club of their choosing.

His overall rating is currently capped at 81, automatically placing him in the top 15 tier of the game’s 111 total QBs.

An elite selection, Kaepernick is, on Madden 21 at least, more than ready to mark his return onto the field to do what he does best.

“Knowing that our EA SPORTS experiences are platforms for players to create, we want to make Madden NFL a place that reflects Colin’s position and talent, rates him as a starting QB, and empowers our fans to express their hopes for the future of football. We’ve worked with Colin to make this possible, and we’re excited to bring it to all of you today,” EA Sports concluded.