New Yeezy prototypes leak on social media

Swisher Post - 15.10.2020

Yeezy SEASON 8 boots have leaked online and they might be part of the range dropping this month.

Kanye West’s birthchild Yeezy has been dishing out the garms lately and sneaking beneath the red tape were prototypes of a new range of high-tops that could be dropping soon.

Yeezy leaks high-top prototype

Now, we do not have the scoop on what these are, exactly. They look like high-top sneakers or at least, a hybrid made up of the latter and material used for snorkelling boots.

YZY Campus would not let out too much information either. On their Instagram page, the Yeezy microbloggers only captioned the leak with “SEASON 8 BOOTS”.

Interestingly, we never saw these boots at Yeezy’s SEASON 8 runway presentation at the Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

When is the SEASON 8 range dropping?

Whether they will make it to retail once this range goes up for sale is not known at this stage, and that is just part of the mystique that makes Yeezy as successful of an apparel brand that it is.

The mystery around this drop has been further exacerbated by the timer that has taken over Yeezy Supply’s website.

We are not sure what will be launched once the timer hits 00:00:00:00 but we will be tuned in, nonetheless.