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Swoosh boyz: A closer look at the G-Dragon x Nike Para-Noise AF1 [photo]

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Nike may not be aware of it but the latest collaboration with G-Dragon on the Para-Noise Air Force One is one step closer to dispelling the stereotypes about the black colourway.

Who is G-Dragon?

In a weird way, the enigmatic black colourway, seen as the shoes of a cold-hearted serial killer, somehow matches the aura of Kwon Ji-yong’s notoriety.

Ji-yong, otherwise known as G-Dragon, is a South Korean artist and the leader of the PEACEMINUSONE group.

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Revered as the King of K-Pop and a fashion icon, G-Dragon marked his return from service in the military with a marquee collaboration with Nike.

G-Dragon x Nike: What we know about the Para-Noise AF1

Photo: Nike

The reimagined Para-Noise Air-Force 1 gets our vote of approval. These are the key features of the sneaker that stood out to us:

  • the swoosh and tongue come in white pebbled leather, which contrasts the black premium leather that covers the rest of the shoe;
  • the haphazardous hand-marked black paint that runs across the bottom of the outsole, heel and sides of the sneaker;
  • the special lacquer coating that contains the mystery reveal of G-Dragon’s artwork once it wears off;
  • the symbolic PEACEMINUSONE daisy logo that is embroidered on the tongue; and
  • the crossed-out PEACEMINUSONE logo on the inside of the collar.

Where to buy the Para-Noise Air Force 1

Photo: Nike

The reimagined black Air-Force 1 has, in an acceptable way, been emasculated and we are here for it.

The sneaker has been lined up for a limited release which has been scheduled for Saturday, 23 November.

At this time, all that we know is that the sneaker will only go on sale on the Nike global website.

The sneaker will premier for $200 (R2 941,92).