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Sustainable fashion: Five tips to save money and still look good

Swisher Post - 09.04.2021

Follow these five sustainable fashion tips to save money while helping the environment.

In this new era of sustainable fashion, there are simple ways to be budget-friendly and still dress well. Whether it’s scouting your mom’s vintage pieces or repurposing that old pair of jeans laying in your closet – there are practical ways to look good without breaking the bank. 

Save money with these five sustainable fashion tips

The fun thing about building your sustainable closet is that there are no rules. It’s your own and it consists of your unique style while being mindful of your buying behaviours and how it affects the planet. 

Reconsider your buying process and adapt slow fashion methods. Slow fashion means that the making of the garments involves slower production and less waste clogging our landfills. 

Jump onto these money saving practices that still contributes positively to our environment. 

1. Thrift and swap 

The ever-evolving love for thrifting and turning to second-hand pieces is your best shot. Explore, colour and patterns at local thrift stores that make you save big time while going through piles of clothes that need a new home. Swapping out clothes with a bunch of friends is easy too. 

2. Up-cycle and tweak 

Take those items in your closet that you barely wear and tweak them into something new. While a sewing machine is an investment, you can transform a basic garment into your favourite garment – with just a needle and thread. Trade out boring buttons for bold ones and put your creativity to work.

sustainable fashion

3. Make a mood-board

This step will keep you from buying unnecessary garments that’s just not your style. Get some friends together or ride solo and get out your style inspo from Pinterest or Instagram while you create a mood-board with clothes that complement your style rather than the items you just want because it looks good online. 

4. Take time to purchase 

While this takes time and patience, you want to make sure you’re making mindful decisions when purchasing from a brand. Do your research on the quality of the brand’s clothes. Better quality clothes last longer. Many sustainable brands produce slow fashion that is quality for your money but some might be a bit pricey. However, you save money in the long run knowing the clothes will last you for years. 

5. Care for your clothing

Taking care of your existing clothes will easily save you cash. It’s as simple as hand-washing clothes instead of popping them in the washing machine, washing them in cold water and learning how to hand-sew.