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Rich Mnisi gets Ivy Park package from Beyonce

Andile Sicetsha - 16.11.2020

Rich Mnisi modelled the new Ivy Park x Adidas collection he received from Beyonce.

Rich Mnisi was just as gobsmacked as we were when he revealed that a box containing free merch from Ivy Park was dropped off on his doorstep.

Rich Mnisi gets Ivy Park x Adidas box

The high fashion empresario took to Instagram to gloat — rightfully so — about the gift box sent by Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Adidas.

Inside, Mnisi found two Ivy Park x Adidas cropped sweatsuits, three branded face masks, two pairs of Adidas trainers and a water bottle “because she knows [he] minds [his] own business.”

Peaking out of the rest of the sought-after garms was a book titled This Is My Park. The contents of this book are, in the interim, only known to the lucky few in Queen Bey’s inner circle who’ve received the Ivy Park box.

Suffice it to say, it must have already inspired Mnisi since he wasted no time in using its title as the caption to the photo he posted of himself in one of the cropped sweatsuits.

Where to buy Ivy Park Drip 2 in South Africa

The items Mnisi unboxed are, as far as we know, not part of the Ivy Park Drip 2 collection that is scheduled for release this week.

As reported by BET, this new collection will only feature parkas, bodysuits, sports bras, leggings and other sporty silhouettes in a black and tan colourway.

South Africa’s hive will get a chance to get their hands on this updated merch as early as Wednesday 18 November 2020 on Adidas’ online store only.

Those who don’t find the convenience in online shopping shouldn’t fret since Adidas retail stores nationwide will be stocked with the Drip 2 update on Thursday 19 November 2020.

Prices for this new Ivy Park collection were, unfortunately, not available at the time this article was published.