five sustainable South African fashion brands

Five sustainable South African fashion brands helping the environment

Published by Michè Edwards

The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions while it is estimated to use around 1.5 trillion litres of water annually. That pretty much sums up the amount of strain on the environment it takes to produce the latest pair of fast-trending trousers added to fashion enthusiasts wish-list.

Five local sustainable brands that contribute positively to the environment

This is a clear call to be more responsible as consumers. These five South African sustainable brands progress the environment as they place eco-consciousness at the forefront of what they do.

1. Sama Sama 

Conscious brand Sama Sama’s core intention is to offer “clothing designed to allow movement, unrestricted and with compassion for the body”. Sama Sama producers 100% natural linens, hemp, cotton, and more. Their packaging is also 100% biodegradable as they strive to be plastic-free. 

2. Metopia 

Co-founder Taryn Tippens is a fashion graduate and environmentalist who fuses her dual passions for the environment through practices such as eco-dyeing, printing, and working with natural fibres. The Metopia brand stems from a very holistic approach as it promotes healing and wellness. 


VANKLAN takes an unconventional approach to sustainable fashion. Founder Alexandra van Heerden utilises loud and bright elements to the innovative brand that challenges the way consumers, designers, and enthusiasts view sustainable fashion. 

4. Akina

Sustainable swimwear and lifestyle brand Akina is your simple go-to. Founder Laetitia Breedt studied in London a few years ago and could not find a simple swimwear brand that doesn’t compromise quality too. She decided to create Akina to consciously produce items that hold quality and simplicity. 

5. Hemplove 

This female-owned brand provides cruelty-free clothing and skincare products. Birthed from sisterhood and their shared passion for nature and the environment, Hemplove is an honest establishment. Honesty is embedded in the business – from the raw materials sourcing and manufacturing process to their involvement in local communities.

What more can you do to be a more conscious fashion consumer? 

  1. Upscale and refurbish existing garments in your closet
  2. Buy second-hand 
  3. Learn about textiles that make up your clothes
  4. Shift away from fast fashion and support slow fashion brands