Nike x Louis Vuitton

Everything we know about the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 collab

Swisher Post - 05.07.2021

Virgil Abloh created high-fashion design for the classic Nike Air Force 1s.

On the Saturday 26 June, Virgil Abloh, head of men’s fashion at Louis Vuitton, showed off the much-talked-about collaboration between the high-end brand and Nike Air Force 1s. 

This unveiling was made at Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 ‘Amen Break’ men’s collection.

Louis Vuitton and Nike Air Force 1s collab: When’s it coming out?

LV and Nike teamed up to recreate the classic Air Force 1 sneaker., consisting of 21 pairs of the Air Force 1 Mids and Lows.

The pairs are dressed in either Damier patterns or LV monogram prints, while Abloh has incorporated his signature Off-White™ Helvetica text on select silhouettes.

In shedding more light to this marquee collab, LV released a statement explaining that:

“The cover embodied the hip-hop community’s early practice of hacking together high fashion and sportswear, sidelining diverging brands with equal reverence. A cultural symbol in its own right, today the Nike Air Force 1 serves as an objet d’art emblematic of self-generated subcultural provenance,” the brand said.

Thus far, no details have been shared on the release date yet.

Past Nike Air collabs with luxury brands

This isn’t Nike’s first high-end collaboration. In late 2019, Nike Air Jordan collaborated with Dior.

In this crossover the different cultures of America, France, haute couture and high-performance sportswear were drawn together, unified and then blended to create a new hybrid look.

“Our partnership with Maison Dior will offer a new look into the style of basketball and blend high-end streetwear with luxury fashion. We will pay homage to both brands’ rich iconography and draw inspiration from our heritage,” Nike said at the time.

This collaboration sold only in limited editions. you may find it on the resale market but at super-hiked price points.