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Emtee drops his own sneakers: Where to buy, price info and reactions [photo]

Swisher Post - 01.07.2020

Emtee sneakers will cost you anything between R1 600 and R1 900 for a pair.

Self-proclaimed king of ‘Johustleburg’ Emtee took to social media on Tuesday to announce that he has dropped a new line of locally made sneakers.

Emtee the hustler moves to selling sneakers

The ex-Ambitiouz Entertainment trapper has kept his name in the headlines since the embarrassing exit from the controversial label.

His leased cars and house were taken back and he was forced to move back to the hood, a harsh pill for many to swallow and usually, artists don’t recover from that.

Emtee is cut from a different cloth, though. Hustling truly is the only thing he knows. Wearing the embarrassment on his sleeve, the Johustleburg rapper strode on, making moves that have kept him in the ‘elite artist’ conversation.

Emtee sneaker: Where to buy, price details?

This time around, Emtee, it seems, has ventured into the sneaker business. In a number of tweets posted on Twitter, the rapper teased prototypes of the Emtee sneaker.

Emtee attributed the success of the sneaker launch to Spelete, a local brand that designs its own shoes and other products.

Currently, the Emtee sneaker is available in gloss and matte. The ladies range, according to Spelete, fetches for R1 600.


Men have the option of either going for matte finishes or ‘high-end’ gloss. The former trades for R1 700, while a pair of gloss sneakers is priced at R1 9000.


Spelete recently launched their flagship store in Sunnyside, Johannesburg and the Emtee sneaker range is available there.

Otherwise, customers are encouraged to place orders on WhatsApp (see phone number in the tweet above).

This is how social media reacted

Emtee’s hive has championed this as another display of the rapper’s meister finesse. The sneaker may not be in retail currently but it seems that there already is a market for it.

Others have clowned the simplistic design of the sneaker, speaking down on the rapper’s attempt at dabbling in the venture.

These are some of the reactions we managed to pick from social media: