five fashion trends

Five ‘easy to style’ fashion trends that’s hot right now

Published by Michè Edwards

The global reset of the world saw our fashion choices taking a backseat. With very little places to be and people to see, many of us traded in workwear with loungewear, introducing something way more ‘laid back’. 

Five fashion trends to hop onto in 2021

This year we say hello to experimenting again. Below we list five fashion trends to work into your closet. 


A bralette rose to be a ‘must have’. It gives you the comfort of a sports-bra and adds an edge to the rest of your outfit. Whether you pair it with a matching set, oversized blazer and/or wide denim legged jeans – there are plenty of ways to pull this look off with clothes you already own. 

Puffered proportions 

The 80’s voluminous sleeve isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A signature Maxi puffer dress is the ‘one and only’ piece complemented with a chunky sneaker, complementary earrings- and you’re good to go. On the other hand a dramatic puffered sleeved top is the perfect statement piece you quickly pair with jeans, sweats or leggings.


Leisure but luxury. Athleisure has seen an appropriate bind between comfort but ‘good enough to wear in the office’ garments. It’s the most recent entry into the fashion spectrum and invites you to pair your functional sweats with something like a cute heel or blazer. It’s basically the perfect after work Friday night ensemble. 

Wide-legged/Oversized pants 

Baggy bottoms are life right now. Fashion influencers and celebs are seen fusing a crop or slim fitting tank top with oversized pants giving the good ratio of a relaxed look that still looks aesthetically appealing to the body. 70’s Denims with a loose fit will always reign supreme taking up space in almost any and every fashion era. Bring out a pair of flared wide-legged jeans or bootlegs to replace your sweats for a more ‘dressier’ combination. 


We flag this as the most versatile item to own. The maxi dress is extremely functional, working its way into your winter or summer closet options. Dress it up for a summery afternoon with a cute sandal that makes for the perfect breezy outfit. Or layer them over pants in winter with a mesh turtleneck and trainer.