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Clash of the kotini kings: Riky Rick battles OkMalum’ and this is our winner

Published by Andile Sicetsha

In a debate about who has the best street style, Riky Rick claims the Gucci stripes and Okmalumkoolkat would tell you he is the hood Stefano Dimera.

Two worlds apart sonically but so synonymous in their off-centre fashion identities, Riky Rick and Okmalumkoolkat have been announced as the fourth instalment of Gemini Major and Tweezy’s Revolution of SA Hip-Hop music catalogue battles.

Riky Rick vs Okmalumkoolkat: A clash of two worlds of SA Hip-Hop

Outside of this virtual battle format which is more for the culture than anything else, we would never pit Riky Rick up against Okmalumkoolkat for a contest of the catalogues.

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While the two fall within the scope of what is known as a rapper, they occupy spaces at opposite ends of the spectrum. Riky Rick is more of the hood trap star, known for his trailblazing references and wild hooks.

Okmalumkoolkat, on the other hand, is revered for his off-centre music production. His fanbase extends beyond rural KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and penetrates European markets where alternative music thrives.

Despite this, tonight’s encounter makes for an interesting match-up.

How to watch the battle live

The battle takes place on Thursday night at 22:00 on Instagram Live. Click on any of these pages below to tune into the battle tonight:

Why we believe Okmalumkoolkat will edge Riky Rick

If this was a battle held at a venue with a large crowd, it is without a doubt that Makhado would be the favourite to win. Although, even in that scenario, it would not be hard to write Okmalum’ off.

The Mlazi Milano star has a cult following and his music may not be your taste but it is relatable enough to give any opponent a run for their money.

Due to the nature of the battle and the opponent, we strongly believe that Okmalumkoolkat’s discography holds gems that will win him favour.

Unless Riky Rick can translate his energy on Instagram Live as he does so perfectly on stage, and shuffles his one-dimensional discography around to fit the occasion, we only see one eventuality from tonight’s contest.

Our money is on Okmalum’.