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John McAfee: Cybersecurity wiz jailed for tax evasion

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

John McAfee, the brainchild behind the staple cybersecurity software named after his last name, McAfee Associates, has been arrested in Spain for flouting United States (US) tax laws.

John McAfee jails for tax evasion

An indictment was brought against the 75-year-old on Tuesday after he was taken into custody, according to Bloomberg.

From what we understand, McAfee, a former runner of this year’s US presidential elections, has been on Uncle Tom’s radar for the better part of six years.

Court documents seen by the cited publication claim that McAfee failed to file tax returns between 2014 and 2018.

In this period, it’s believed that the cybersecurity pioneer hid assets that include real estate, a luxury vehicle, a yacht and other monies received from his investments and promotion of illicit cryptocurrencies and securities.

According to the US Department of Justice, the case against McAfee is watertight as there is enough financial evidence to life the lid on his shoddy dealings.

This is the least of his problems, he’s wanted for murder in Belize

If found guilty, McAfee faces as much as five years imprisonment for tax evasion. However, that is the least of his problems since he is considered a person of interest in a 2012 murder case in Belize.

In November of that year, the cybersecurity tycoon was wanted for questioning in relation to the killing of US ex-pat Gregory Viant Faull.

McAfee, however, has always held his position that this murder was pinned on him by the Belizean government as a means of rattling him since they had already raided his 2.5-acre jungle outpost on the Belizean mainland in April 2012.

Back then, he was accused of running a meth lab in the Central American jungle but the 75-year-old has always maintained that he’s used the lab for natural antibiotics research.

At this time, it is not known how the Belizean government will cooperate with the US in bringing murder charges to McAfee if indeed, it is found that he was responsible for Faull’s death.