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Watch: Tembisa Plaza armed robbery caught on CCTV

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Video footage of an armed robbery that took place at the ever-busy Tembisa Plaza, in Esangweni, Gauteng, surfaced on social media and has since gone viral.

Robbers high-tale it with stolen cellphones

Based on the metadata found on the top-left side of the store’s CCTV footage, the incident was recorded on Sunday 10 January, just before noon.

At the start of the video, everything about what was going on in the store looked normal. Customers were in the cellphone store browsing around, looking at accessories and pre-owned smartphones.

Then, suddenly the camera shows an unidentified man, dressed in a brown jacket and a blue bucket hat, pull out what looks like a firearm and point it at a gentleman over the counter.

With his hands raised, the man, believed to be a staff member of the store, stood in compliance with the robbers as another unidentified male, dressed in a green jacket, jumped over the counter carrying a bag.

Completely nonchalant to their brazen acts, the two robbers took their time in pillaging the store of its goods. The gun-wielding man paced around the store, even engaging with some of the customers who either weren’t aware of what was happening or were desensitized to what they were witnessing.

Watch: Armed robbers takedown Tembisa Plaza store

Satisfied with the number of cellphones he wiped from the display counter, the man in a green jacket jumped over and quickly headed for the exit, disappearing in the busy crowds of Tembisa Plaza.

Our attempts to contact Tembisa police for a statement were unsuccessful. Therefore, it’s presumed that the two suspects are still at large.

You can watch the full clip of the robbery below: