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Watch: RAM courier driver daringly escapes ambush [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

In yet another showing of the high levels of brazen robberies in Gauteng, this is the latest CCTV footage of a RAM courier van ambush that leaked on social media,

Where was the RAM courier van robbed?

Raw footage of the incident was posted on Twitter by Yusuf Abramjee, on Wednesday. It’s still unclear when the robbery attempt took place but according to the crime reporter, the RAM courier van was accosted in the leafy Bromhod suburb, in Randburg.

Did the robbers get anything?

Four CCTV cameras captured different angles of the ambush. The clip starts off with a visual of the courier van impeded by two suspect vehicles which came from opposite directions, a silver sedan and a white SUV.

In a sudden move, the passenger of the white SUV jumped out and was seen pointing a firearm at the courier van. Barely taking a moment to observe what was happening, the RAM driver instinctively jumped into a flight reaction, ramming the courier van into the sedan that was behind him.

It’s unclear if any gunshots were discharged. However, from another angle of the footage, the courier could be seen conjuring a daring escape, with the silver sedan paralysed as it was pushed back by the force of the van.

The gun-wielding suspect quickly jumped into the white SUV and the clip ends as the vehicle makes a three-point turn towards the direction of the van.

Watch: RAM couriers ambushed in broad daylight

At this time, no statements have been released on the status of the courier van. It’s assumed, at this juncture, that the robbery attempt was botched by the impressive driving skills of the courier who will be glad he didn’t face the barrel of a gun on this work day.

You can watch the full clip below.