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Nicolway Centre robbery: Armed perps take down jewellery store [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Law enforcement authorities have cordoned off the area in proximity of Nicolway Centre following a robbery on Tuesday morning.

Nicolway Centre robbery: What’s the latest?

The shopping centre in Bryanston, north of Johannesburg, was the scene of a brazen armed robbery of a jewellery store.

An unknown number of suspects entered the shopping centre with their sights on Bryanston Jewellers. There were reports of a shootout, however, this could not be verified.

Also as far as we know, there have been no injuries reported in the encounter.

Watch: Robbers caught on camera pillaging jewellery store

A brave onlooker whipped out his or her phone and recorded the suspects as they piled heaps of display jewellery into black carrier bags.

While it’s not clear how many suspects were involved in the incident, we counted at least three active robbers in the clip you will see below:

PICS: Aftermath of the Nicolway Centre robbery

The suspects managed to get away with little to no reprisal from mall security. What was left behind was a jewellery store with no display accessories and its windows smashed.

At this time, authorities have not made any statements on the investigation. We believe that mall CCTV footage will assist them in tracking down the movements of the suspects and more information will be released in that regard.

This is a developing story.