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Watch: Mpumalanga farmer assaulted inside White River police station [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

A woman and her fiance. a farmer from Mpumalanga, have posted videos of a shocking incident that allegedly took place inside the White River Police Station.

Watch: Farmer assaulted inside White River Police Station

Delia Human (as she identifies herself on Facebook) took to social media to post videos and photos she took on Sunday, after a horrifying encounter with members of an unknown private security firm.

In her version of events, Delia was with her fiance Barend, on their way to purchase groceries “when several vehicles started overtaking on double solid lines, with no regard for oncoming traffic, pushing vehicles aside with their aggressive driving.”

“We were approaching Casterbridge circle, basically surrounded by these suspect vehicles. The one vehicle, a black range rover – no license plates – suddenly stopped in front of us, blocking our entry into the clear traffic circle. My fiancé then hooted at him as we were blocked in. The driver of the black range rover brought his car to a complete standstill in front of us, got out of his vehicle, pulled his firearm, and walked towards the drivers’ side of our vehicle,” Delia wrote.

From what we understand, the farmer’s window was smashed by the alleged hecklers and a firearm was pulled on the couple before they raced to the White River Police Station seeking asylum.

However, once they arrived there, after being chased down by a number of vehicles marked ‘tactical response unit’, they would realise that their safety was even more compromised.

Here are video clips of the events that unfolded inside the police station.

Police claim case has been opened against Mpumalanga farmer

According to Delia, her fiance was thrown to the floor by the armed men and assaulted in full view of police officers and admin staff who watched on with their arms folded.

From what we understand, the police allegedly wanted to take Barend’s phone to stop him from recording the entire ordeal. After taking all the blows, Barend lost his phone to the men and according to Delia, it was smashed and removed from the police precinct.

We contacted White River Police Station to confirm the incident. A constable who has asked to remain anonymous confirmed that he was inside the police station, filling a case docket against Barend and Delia when the incident took place.

In his version of events, the attack on the farmer took place after a scuffle was witnessed outside the police station. The men who were accused as hecklers opened a case against the couple. The police, however, have not revealed the contents of this case or what charges the Mpumalanga farmer may face.

“Throughout this ordeal, we were threatened through the windows of the police station, our lives were threatened repeatedly.
The police did nothing,” Delia said.